13 Notation Systems Added to Our Site

In addition to re-doing the images in the “music notations” section of our site, we’ve added thirteen notation systems, bringing the number of systems on our site to more than thirty-seven.

Seven of these are older systems that were included in the MNMA’s Research Project of 1999. These include notation systems by the well-known figures Arnold Schoenberg and Cornelis Pot:

Proportional Chromatic Music Notation by Henri Carcelle
Notation for the System of Equal Tones Applied to the Chromatic Keyboard by Gustave Decher
Seven-tone or Twelve-tone Notation by Hans Krenn
Untitled by Klaus Lieber
6-6 Klavar by Cornelis Pot
Untitled by Arnold Schoenberg
Untitled by Robert Thelwall

Two additional systems were known at the time of the MNMA’s Research Project, but were not included, even though they passed all of the MNMA’s screens. (It seems they were understood to be superceded by Parncutt’s 6-6 Tetragram.)

6-6 Trigram Notation by Richard Parncutt
Keyboard (or 7-5) Trigram Notation by Richard Parncutt

Finally, we have added four systems that have been designed more recently and so were not part of the MNMA Research Project, even though they appear to meet the criteria of the MNMA’s screens.

Black Triangle Twinline by Doug Keislar
MUTO Music Notation by the MUTO Music Method Foundation
Thumline Music Notation by Jim Plamondon
Bilinear Music Notation by Jose Sotorrio