Wiki Improvements

We have recently upgraded our wiki’s software and tweaked our installation to offer the following improvements:

  • Easier navigation: on any page click the [+] next to any category listed in the left hand column to reveal links to all pages in that category.
  • More user-friendly editing tools that make it easier for anyone to edit pages on the wiki.  For example, it is much simpler to add links, images, tables, etc.
  • The search box now suggests pages you may be searching for, as you type.
  • Pages generally load faster.

We are pleased that the wiki now contains 26 content pages.  That is an average of more than one page added per month since we launched the wiki in November 2009!  To keep track of new pages and changes to the wiki, see the New Pages and Recent Changes pages.  Each of those pages also offers an Atom feed that you can follow using your favorite feed reader.  Any of our forum (Google group) members are welcome and encouraged to help add and/or edit pages on the wiki.

Head over to our wiki to try out the new changes and check out any pages that you have not seen yet!


Technical details:

We recently upgraded our wiki software to MediaWiki version 1.17. We previously upgraded to version 1.16 about this time last year when we also began using a customized version the Vector skin which is now the default for Wikipedia and other Wikimedia sites.  These changes have made it possible to offer the improvements listed above, and will allow us to take advantage of future improvements to the MediaWiki software.  See the MediaWiki website for more information.


Follow us on Twitter

In other website news, you may have noticed the icon on our website that lets you follow the Music Notation Project on Twitter. When we post something new on our blog we will now also post to Twitter (as well as Facebook).  This provides multiple ways to follow the news covered in our blog, in addition to news feeds (RSS or Atom) and email subscriptions.  Our Twitter handle is @MNPupdates.

The Twitter, Facebook, and other icons were added earlier this year as part of a minor revision of our site’s appearance.  Recently the site went through another minor visual refresh as we continue to improve it.