About the Music Notation Project Wiki

The Music Notation Project fosters communication, cooperation, and the exchange of ideas and resources among those interested in alternative music notation systems and similar subjects. As a companion to our Forum (Google group) and main website, this wiki is part of that effort. (What is a wiki?)

The wiki’s content is generated by the members of our community — alternative music notation enthusiasts who support the project and share its goals. It provides a platform for our community’s knowledge, ideas, proposals, examples, images, and sheet music for alternative notation systems — material that has typically been shared through our Forum (Google group). Organizing this material in a wiki will help make it more accessible and useful.

While our main website contains carefully edited tutorials and focused presentations of notation systems, the wiki supplements it by providing a way for our community to contribute additional information and ideas on these same topics, and on a broader range of topics that are still relevant to alternative music notation. It also provides a place to begin to collect and share examples of sheet music in alternative notation systems.

History and Status of the Wiki

In 2009 we introduced the wiki using MediaWiki, the same software that powers Wikipedia. Then in 2013 we migrated the website and the wiki to WordPress. More recently, in 2023 we migrated the website and wiki again, from WordPress to the Astro framework. The move away from WordPress has meant that the wiki is no longer functioning as a wiki because, while it is still technically possible for users to contribute and make edits, it is much more difficult to do so, and the point of a wiki is to make it easy for users to contribute. In other words, the wiki is now basically in an "archived" state.

Navigating the Wiki

To browse the wiki, use the menu of categories and pages on the left.

Contribute to the Wiki

If you are interested in contributing to the wiki by editing pages or adding new content, see Contributing to the Wiki.


Note that the content of this wiki may or may not reflect the views or goals of the Music Notation Project as an organization. Except where otherwise noted, content in this wiki is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. This wiki was established in October of 2009.