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First MNMA Conference — Norwich, England, 1988

Conference Proceedings Edited by Thomas S. Reed (1991) Paperback (120 pp.)

Contains papers presented at the First International MNMA Conference held in Norwich, England, 1988

This historic conference on new systems of music notation, the first of its kind in the 20th century, brought together speakers from eleven countries. A variety of new notation systems were presented, including a shorthand system, a microtonal system, aleatoric methods, and systems capable of substituting for traditional notation. Most of the lectures were published in full, and most were also illustrated.

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Table of Contents

Title Author Page
Twenty-First Century Music Theory and Notation Thomas S. Reed 1
100 Students Learn the Piano Through the Klavarskribo Music Notation in Hong Kong (a description of Methods, Materials and Results) Peter Spurrier Jackson 20
Towards a Standard Keyboard Staff Richard Parncutt 31
Piano Patterns: Outline Notation – a link with Staff Notation Annemarie Scheltema 32
Accidentals in a New Musical Notation Delia Mugnaini Robotti 37
Graphical Control Strategies of Aleatory Music Notation Giorgio Tedde 41
Revised Music Notation with Electronic Music Technology as a Combined System Mario Koppers 53
Accidentals, Musical Function and Intonation Richard Parncutt 54
The Four-Level Six-Six Keyboard Paul Vandervoort 58
A New Notational System and Traditional Harmonic Theory Mario Koppers 59
Funzionalita Storica Contenutistica Della Notazione Musicale Italo Ruggero Muci 60
From a Special to a General Notation Leo de Vries 61
Music in a Graph Albert Brennink 88
A New System of Musical Shorthand John Asher 100
Applications of the Chromatic Alphabet in the Notation of Music Robert Stuckey and Richard Parncutt 104
A Symmetrical Notation for Microtones Leo de Vries 110
Summing-up the 1988 Norwich Conference Ronald Watson 116


Second MNMA Conference — Saint Louis, USA, 1991

Second MNMA Conference Proceedings CoverConference Proceedings Edited by Thomas S. Reed (1994)
Paperback (183 pp. incl. Appendix)

ISBN 0-9638849-0-5, LC 93-86922

Contains papers presented at the Second International MNMA Conference held in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, 1991.

These proceedings are of special importance because of the new notation systems illustrated in the “Test Drive” section. Fourteen new notation systems are used to notate the same musical excerpts. This allows the reader to try out and compare the different notation systems. The lectures present a wide range of provocative views and opinions.

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Table of Contents

Title Author Page
Preface v
Photograph of Conferees vii
Concepts of Music Notation Modernization in 19th Century Germany Michael Maier (Germany) 1
Using the Base-twelve Number System for Solmization, Arranging, and Composing Donald M. Cowan (U.S.A) 7
We Cannot Expect Help from Anybody Johannes Beyreuther (Germany) 13
Trigram Notation Richard Parncutt (Germany) 19
The Ideal Music Notation George J. Skapski (U.S.A) 21
Categories of Notation: Different Categories of Perfection in History, the Present and the Future Leo de Vries (Netherlands) 27
Symmetrical Notations: My Attempt to Penetrate, Via the Twinline Principles, into the Microtone Domain Leo de Vries (Netherlands) 31
Why “Mirror Notation”? Johanna Sheer-Duyvis (Netherlands) 45
Basic Outline for a Notation that is Easier, Better, and Suited to our Times Johannes Wolf (Austria) 49
Conventions in Rhythm Notation and Stylistic Practices in Keyboard Music Chris Childs (Australia) 61
Notation Systems for Non-linear Instruments: Scoring for Sound Sculpture Dan Senn (U.S.A) 71
Enlightenment from the Abandonment of Musical Notation Han Wan Zhai (China) 73
The Digital Music Notation of the Accordion Yin Zhi-chao (China) 77
C-Symmetrical Semitone Notation System Ronald F. Sadlier (U.S.A) 81
Step by Step to a Simpler Notation Jeannette de Buur (France) 87
Why not a MUSICIAN’S Notation? W.D. Collinds (England) 93
Nomographic Notation James C. Rickey (U.S.A) 103
Alternate Keyboards, Theory, History and Current Developments Paul Vandervoort (U.S.A) 109
A New Look at the Temporal Aspect of Music Notation George J. Skapski (U.S.A) 111
Choosing Syllables for a Chromatic Solfa Robert Stuckey and Richard Parncutt (England and Germany) 117
Puntun Notation Michael Laschober (U.S.A.) 119
Scenario for the Future of Music Notation Thomas S. Reed (U.S.A) 123
Test Drive the New Notation Systems (Parts I and II) Appendix
Test Drive (Contents) Appendix iii
Article II – “Purposes” Outside Back Cover


Third MNMA Conference — Rotterdam, Netherlands, 1994

Rotterdam Conference LogoConference Proceedings Edited by Thomas S. Reed (1999) Paper (228 pp.)

ISBN 0-9638849-3-X, LC 98-68688, ISSN 1094-4486

Contains papers presented at the Third International MNMA Conference held in Rotterdam, Netherlands, 1994.

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Table of Contents

Title Author Page
Summary of the Evaluation Committee Report Douglas Keislar (U.S.A.), Chair, presented by Leo de Vries 1
The Ideas of Paul von Janko in the Computer Age Peter Roche (England) 15
A Survival Kit Helen Robinson (England) 19
The Application of the Numbered Singing Name Notation on 6-6 Type Accordions Yin Zhi Chao (China) 29
New Notes: New Possibilities for Music Teaching Jean de Buur (Netherlands) 39
Fifth and Relatives Leo de Vries (Netherlands) 41
Dear MNMA Friends A. J. Otte (Netherlands) 43
The Question of Pitch versus Function in the Notation of Multiple Divisions Siemen Terpstra (Netherlands) 47
System of Learning the Staff Visually Yin Cheng-Liang (China), as read in English by Yang Hui (Sally) 51
The Well-Tempered Clavier in Well-Tempered Music Notation Albert Brennink (Canada) 61
Streamlining Musical Shorthand John Asher (England) 85
Translation Between Notation Systems Using Computer Algorithms Mario Koppers (South Africa) 103
Advances in Computer Transcription into the Klavar Notation Peter Jackson (Hong Kong) 105
The Six-Six Representation of Music Thomas S. Reed (U.S.A.) 119
The 6 to 6 Notation (Demonstrated on a 6 to 6 Instrument) Johannes Beyreuther (Germany) 135
Notation Systems of the Twentieth Century Chris Childs (Australia) 149
Solfaplus = Solfa plus Chord symbols and Five Chromatic Syllables Bob Stuckey (England) and Richard Parncutt (England) 151
Guidelines for a Modern Notation in View of Transposing Instruments and Klavar Notation Johannes Wolf (Austria), trans. from the German by Jean de Buur 165
What Motivates Music Notation Research? Richard Parncutt (Australia) 175
On the Aesthetic Value of Musical Symbols Guo Chun Dong (China) 177
Creating a New Notation Nicolai Alexandrovith Dolmatov (Russia) 181
A Trip to the Klavar Publishers, Near Rotterdam Thomas S. Reed (U.S.A.) 193
Results of Comparing Notes Test, Rotterdam Conference Thomas S. Reed (U.S.A.) 195

Fourth MNMA Conference — Cebu City, Philippines, 1997

Cebu City Conference LogoConference Proceedings Edited by Thomas S. Reed (2000) Paperback (164 pp.)

ISBN 0-9638849-4-8, LC 00-91048, ISSN 1094-4486

Contains papers presented at the Fourth International MNMA Conference held in Cebu City, Philippines, 1997

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Table of Contents

Title Author Page
Acknowledgments, Conference Program iii
Photo of Conference Members on a Tour of Cebu iv
Photos of the Conference vi
Preface Thomas S. Reed 1
Who Will Benefit from a Better Notation System? Thomas S. Reed 5
The Teaching Experience in the Six-Six System Johannes Beyreuther 11
Three Families of 13-Degree Staves Blake M. Mitchell 15
Nature’s Harmonic Series Anne and Bill Collins 35
An Expanded System of Duration Symbols Blake M. Mitchell 43
The Big Error! Johannes Beyreuther 49
Ornaments in New Notation Systems Thomas S. Reed 53
Notation Road Test (directed by T.S. Reed) 59
1. List of Inventors 64
2. The Chromatic Scale in 36 New Systems Thomas S. Reed 65
3. Grouping the systems by line-pattern Doug Keislar 102
4. The Musical Example by J. S. Bach, in traditional notation 107
5. The J. S. Bach Example Transnotated into 36 New Systems T. S. Reed 108
6. Specification Sheet for the Manuscript Paper Michael Johnston 148
7. Filled-out Evaluation Forms 146

Fifth MNMA Conference — Chicago, USA, 2003

The proceedings from the Fifth International MNMA Conference held in Chicago, USA, 2003 were not published.