Website and Wiki Revision (Now Powered by WordPress)

The Music Notation Project’s webmaster (Paul Morris), has recently completed a revision of our site that has been long in the works.  The site now runs on WordPress, which offers various advantages and will make it easier to maintain.  All of the site’s previous content and functionality remains, while the new design features:

  • Drop-down navigation menus to make it easier to get around the site
  • Better use of the space provided by wide screen monitors, for example…
  • Full-size chromatic scale images in the Gallery (previously it had smaller thumbnails)
  • Better support for smaller mobile and tablet screens
  • Slight reorganization of the Notation Systems section (each system now has its own page) and the MNMA section (pages were combined to consolidate older material)
  • Better integration of the AudioVisualizer into the site
  • Image of a staff with a bass clef and key signature with five sharps in the header (better than the previous treble clef at subtly indicating what we are about)
  • Various other minor enhancements…

Wiki Also Now Using WordPress

One of the most significant changes is that the Wiki has also moved to WordPress (instead of the MediaWiki software that ran it previously). The way the Wiki works will remain much the same, but it should now be easier for contributors to edit the Wiki and upload images, PDFs, and other files to it. On the back end, it will be easier to maintain as well. All of the Wiki content has been moved over from our old installation. If you have edited the Wiki in the past, and would like to continue doing so, or would like to begin contributing to it, you will need a new account. Please contact us so we can set one up for you.

Previous Designs

Here is a screenshot showing the previous home page (for posterity):

Screenshot of the previous home page.

The previous design. (Click for larger size.)

And the (incrementally different) design before that:

Screenshot of previous site design.

Two designs back. (Click for larger size.)

And one more before that, for good measure:

The next previous design. (Click for larger size.)

Three designs back. (Click for larger size.)