Finale NotePad 2006: Get it while you still can!

MakeMusic, Inc. has announced that in the next few weeks they will stop offering older versions of their Finale NotePad software for free download from their website. (They will start charging $10 for NotePad 2009, and offer a new free Finale Reader that has no editing functions.)

This means that anyone who might be interested in using John Keller’s method for transnotating traditional music notation into chromatic-staff notations using Finale software should go and download NotePad 2006 right now!

NotePad 2006 was the last version with the feature that let you copy and then paste blank (alternative) staff styles onto existing (traditionally) notated music. This is the best way to transnotate music using Finale software. If you own the full, paid version of Finale, it still has this feature, but NotePad 2006 is the last of the free NotePad line to have it. Get it while you can!

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UPDATE: Notepad 2006 is no longer available from MakeMusic’s Finale website.

2 thoughts on “Finale NotePad 2006: Get it while you still can!

  1. Hi

    Could you send me the Finale Notepad 2006 software together with the files you mention in your Utube conversion video please.

    I would appreciate that. Preferably my email.

    John Russow
    1006-1277 Nelson Street
    Vancouver, BC
    V6E 4M8

  2. Hi John, Your email address does not appear here. Best to send me a private message on YouTube with email address. ExpressStaveNotation

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