New Forum, Tutorials, and Website Search

New Forum
We have launched the Music Notation Project Forum, a discussion group hosted by Google Groups. Anyone interested is welcome to join.

Check it out here:

We created this new forum/group to reflect our new organization and because we decided to make our discussions accessible not just to group members, but to anyone visiting the group’s site. This will help people find us on the web, and make it simpler for them to see what our discussions are like before joining. Our old MNMA Google Group will remain accessible as an inactive archive for those interested in searching and reading through past discussions.

We also want to take this opportunity to point out two new tutorials and the website search feature that have been introduced with our new website.

Intervals Tutorial
This tutorial takes a
comprehensive look at the appearance of intervals in traditional notation, and illustrates in detail how these interval relationships are obscured. It then shows how alternative music notations that use a chromatic staff can offer a significant improvement over traditional notation when it comes to representing interval relationships.

Chromatic Staves Example Tutorial
This tutorial focuses on
an excerpt from Franz Liszt’s “Hungarian Rhapsody 2” which is in F# Major, one of the more difficult key signatures, and also entails the use of many accidentals. It shows how alternative notations that use a chromatic staff greatly simplify the appearance of this passage, making it easier to read and play. (If anyone knows of other difficult passages that would make for illustrative comparisons between notation systems, please tell us about them! We are sure there are more difficult examples out there.)

Website Search
Our site now has a convenient search box that allows you to search our site for pages that contain any particular keywords or strings of text. It can be found in the left hand column on each page.