Introducing… The Music Notation Project

We are pleased to announce the beginning of a new era in the life of our association. The Music Notation Modernization Association (MNMA) was officially disbanded in 2007 by its founder and president Tom Reed, and has now been succeeded by a new project under new leadership.

The Music Notation Project

(Edit: was originally until August 2008)

Mission Statement: To raise awareness of the disadvantages of traditional music notation, to explore alternative music notation systems, and to provide resources for the wider consideration and use of these alternatives.

There are several reasons for this new development. In the last few years our forms of communication and membership have changed, there has been a transition in our leadership, and our goals have evolved and expanded.

We welcome your continued engagement, participation, and support as the Music Notation Project carries on the work begun by the MNMA!

(Feel free to contact us with any questions.)

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