Enharmonic Equivalents Tutorial and More

It has been one year and one month since the inception of the Music Notation Project on January 17th, 2008. We would like to note this belated anniversary and to announce some recent and some less recent additions and revisions to our website.

New Enharmonic Equivalents Tutorial – on the representation of enharmonically equivalent notes in traditional notation and in alternative notation systems. (February 2009)

6-6 and 7-5 Pitch Patterns Tutorial – revised with clearer illustrations of these two approaches to music notation design. (February 2009)

Lilypond and Alternative Music Notations, Info for Users, and Info for Developers – expanded documentation of Kevin Dalley and Mark Hanlon’s work towards supporting chromatic staves and alternative notation systems in Lilypond. (Most of this originally appeared on Dalley’s website, and has been updated and revised.) (December 2008)

Our site was given a visual refresh, including rearranging it so that the main navigational headings appear horizontally across the header, with subheadings listed vertically in the column on the left. (December 2008)

More Music Notation Systems – a listing of additional alternative notation systems with links to their websites. This page expands upon the systems that are presented more fully on our site. It organizes and adds to the list that was formerly found at Related Websites. (October 2008)

Intervals 1: Traditional Notation – now includes discussion and illustrations of chromatic intervals in traditional notation (scroll to the bottom of the page). (October 2008)