The Music Notation Project is now on Facebook

The Music Notation Project now has a public profile on Facebook. This will help us connect with more people and build awareness of our organization and its mission.

To visit our public profile, follow the link under the new Community heading on our website. If you are a Facebook user we encourage you to show your support and help spread the word by becoming a “fan” of the Music Notation Project. To do this simply click the “become a fan” link on our public profile. You might consider inviting any friends you think would be interested to become a fan as well.

Here are some quotes from the Facebook website about public profiles:

"A Facebook public profile gives a voice to any public figure or organization to join the conversation with Facebook users. Since November 2007, bands, sports teams, artists, films, brands, non-profits and businesses have been using public profiles (formerly called Pages) as free, customizable presences on Facebook."

"As a Community or Non-Profit, with Facebook public profiles, you can create an authentic connection with current and potential supporters, students, alumni and donors. There are already over 100,000 non-profits, universities and religious organizations using Facebook to stay connected to their constituents."