Black-Oval Twinline by Paul Morris

This is a collection of images illustrating Black-Oval Twinline. Black-Oval Twinline was briefly named “TwinNote” between June and December of 2009, before Morris introduced the new version of TwinNote. The images below originally appeared on the TwinNote website during this period. They were moved to this wiki page when the TwinNote website was updated to the new version of TwinNote in January 2010.

Basic Scales

C Major Scale:

WTTL CMajorScale.png

A Major Scale:

WTTL AMajorScale.png

C Minor Scale:

WTTL CMinorScale.png

A Minor Scale:

WTTL AMinorScale.png

Whole Tone Scales:


Chromatic Scale:

WTTL ChromaticScale.png


Major Scales with Whole Steps (W) and Half Steps (H)

WTTL MajorScales.png

Minor Scales with Whole Steps (W) and Half Steps (H)

WTTL MinorScales.png



WTTL Wholetonescales.png

WTTL Minorseconds.png

WTTL Majorseconds.png

WTTL Minorthirds.png

WTTL Majorthirds.png

WTTL Perfectfourths.png

WTTL Tritones.png

WTTL Perfectfifths.png

WTTL Minorsixths.png

WTTL Majorsixths.png

WTTL Minorsevenths.png

WTTL Majorsevenths.png

WTTL Octaves.png