Hamburg Music Notation Poster

Dear friends of music,
during the last 20 years we have been working on the development of Hamburg Music Notation, which aims at simplifying the reading and writing of music in such a way that it becomes as easy to handle as in the field of language.
We are convinced that so-called Western music, which consists of twelve tones, can best be represented by the Duodecimal System.
Also written representation on five lines can be radically simplified by the use of two differently shaped note heads analogous to two colors on the keyboard and the principles developed by Bach for the well-tempered piano.
A detailed account of our considerations can be found on our website.
A software that can be used as an addon ( for the free music software MuseScore is available to convert the usual notation into Hamburg music notation.
On a poster ( , which is generally available, we have displayed all keys in major and minor.
Also the most important chords are shown there.
Music is a language in which reading and writing should be easy to learn.
The currently used method does not meet these requirements.
We propose to teach the method we have developed in addition to the common method as a second clef.

Poster HMN